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About Saideh Ghods
Saideh Ghods
Iranian born, Philanthropist and Writer of Kimia Khatoon. Has been working to improve the access and standards of cancer treatment in Iran after having a child with cancer. After years of working with others to establish Mahak she is receiving world wide recognition and support to move foward with the work that began 18 years ago.
Read articles and interviews with Saideh Ghods and learn about her motivation and goals for the future.
Awards and Recognition
Learn how leading world wide organizations are helping to shine a light on Mrs. Ghods work:

Street Journal 50 Women to Watch 2008
Mayor’s Recognition for Excellence in Environmental Protection 2008
IDB Women in Development Award 2008
Parvin Etesami Book of the Year Award 2005

Kimia Khatoon

Saideh Ghod’s award winning book has been a best seller for twelve consecutive months since its publication.
Parvin Etesami Book of the Year Award 2005
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Charities & Organizations


One of the most impressive charitable organizations in Iran. Their aim is that no child in Iran diagnosed with cancer has to go without treatment because of lack of money.
International Society
for Children

A non-profit organization established to provide financial assistance for children suffering from cancer in third world countries.
Breast Cancer Society of Iran
Saideh Ghods is helping in establishing a nonprofit organization dedicated to Iranian women suffering from breast cancer.
Green Front of Iran
Scholars, professors, and universitiesare working to increase the awareness enviroment issues.