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The Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer, known as MAHAK, began its activities in 1991 with registration number 6567 as a non governmental, non-profit organization. In less than two decades, with the backing of public trust and support and with the application of the latest scientific and medical techniques, MAHAK has reached an inspiring level of support of children with cancer, achieving its goal of the reduction of the mortality rate, as well as a continuous increase in the number of completed treatment cases. MAHAK’s statistics shows the completion of treatment of 35% of children in the year 2007.

MAHAK’s primary goal and greatest success since our work began has been the reduction of fatalities of children with cancer from 75% in 1980s to 25% in recent years, which is in line with international statistics.

During a 17 year period the organization has managed to treat over 11,495 children and they have 8417 patients under their coverage at the moment.

MAHAK takes care of children up to 14 years old who suffer from cancer. It is funded through donations and fund raising events. In 2008 MAHAK was presented with the Swiss SGS NGO Benchmarking award for the best and most transparent NGO in the Middle East.

MAHAK’s new hospital became
officially operational in April 2007.

About 18 years ago a proud Mrs. Saideh Ghods was faced the devastating news about her two year old daughter’s illness. She swallowed her pain and, out of love, wanted to do something so that others would not find themselves alone when faced with such agony.

She talked to some wonderful good people around her as well as to her friends who all came to share her love and compassion for their fellow humans and together they formed MAHAK.

At the start of its activities MAHAK was solely run by volunteers, but as time went by, the organization’s work expanded, and the hospital was completed, a dedicated group of staff was employed. Despite that MAHAK is among the most efficiently run charitable organizations in the world. From every dollar donated to MAHAK 76 cents goes directly into helping the needy and only 24 cents is spent on administrative costs.

According to its charter, MAHAK’s activities, as a non-profit organization, are defined specifically to support children with cancer. To this end, the organization is involved in the fields of Medical Treatment, Research, Prevention, Remedial and Hospital services and Welfare.

The MAHAK Charity Organization is therefore highly dependent on public donations and fund-raising in the shape of cash, gifts, commodities, services and technical support.

MAHAK’s vision is to support children with cancer with financial aid for both their medical treatment and non-treatment needs in order to raise their standard of life. The exclusive support of this unique NGO also includes financial and pharmaceutical assistance to the families of the children with cancer nationwide. We believe that no child with cancer should die because of poverty and financial problems.


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MAHAK Hospital & Rehabilitation Complex, MAHAK St, Oushan, Lashgarak Road, Aqdasieh, Tehran, Iran. P.O Box: 19395-5445, To see the map click here
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Tehran Villa Hostel:
No 79, Shahid Safavian St, Fourth St, Tehran Villa Junction, Satarkhan.
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