Mahak Funding

There are many ways to help support Makah. Visit the Mahak website to learn more about one of the following ways you can help:

Public Donations
Donors and friends of MAHAK can use either of the following to make donations:
1- Online Donation:
2- Payment through Banks, sending the receipt to MAHAK by fax, mail or e-mail:

Donations Boxes
The tremendous success of the Donation Boxes project has turned it into a major income source for the organization. At present these cash donation boxes (made of plastic, metal or clay) are regularly distributed in offices, shops and private homes in Tehran and after getting filled, will be collected by MAHAK staff.

Members of MAHAK are individuals who regularly pay their Membership Fees and cash donations to the Society. They get up-dated about the latest news and events of MAHAK with a free seasonal Newsletter of the Society.
How to pay membership fees?

Child Sponsorship
The total yearly expenses of treatment and accommodation of a single child is $1500, while the cost of a child sponsorship is $150 per month.

Hospital Daily Sponsorship

At present, one of MAHAK’s major projects to meet the growing expenses is the Hospital Daily Sponsorship. Running costs of the MAHAK’s Hospital is at least $3,000 per day, and donors can pledge and pay for one or more days of operation of the hospital in order to provide the children with treatment, good health, joy, play and education.

Hospital Equipment
From the early years of founding the Society, one of MAHAK’s major goals was to establish a Pediatric Cancer Hospital. A. piece of land was purchased in1997, the construction started in 1999 and in March 2007, the dream came true with the inauguration of the Hospital. For equipping this highly specialized Pediatric Cancer Hospital, we count on the benevolent people like you to contact us for further equipments.

Non Cash Donations
To provide the items needed in MAHAK’s Hospital and to support the families of the covered children, your non-cash donations are most valuable to us.
These non-cash donations cover a wide range, from the medication to the items of support to the children’s families are needed in MAHAK, the Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer.
For further information on the items needed and how to donate please do not hesitate to contact us directly or through one of our offices. Mahak website

Web Site:

MAHAK Hospital & Rehabilitation Complex, MAHAK St, Oushan, Lashgarak Road, Aqdasieh, Tehran, Iran. P.O Box: 19395-5445, To see the map click here
Tel: (+9821) 22451414,
Tel: (+9821) 22490544-7,
Fax: (+9821) 22445454

Shiraz Office:
No 36, Neda Sq, Shiraz,
Tel: (+9821) 22213946,
Tel: (+9821) 22213888,
Fax: (+9821) 22201312

Mellat Office:
No 36, GF, Mellat Tower, in front of the Mellat Part, Vali-e-Asr Avenue.
Tel: (+9821) 22025518,
Tel: (+9821) 22037473,
Tel: (+9821) 22037474

Tehran Villa Hostel:
No 79, Shahid Safavian St, Fourth St, Tehran Villa Junction, Satarkhan.
Tel: (+9821) 66504136

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Article of Charity for Children with Cancer
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