Kimya Khatun – A Story From Rumi’s Hiram


Kimya Khatun tells the story of Rumi’s stepdaughter, who found her way in his Hiram after the marriage of her mother, Kera Khatoon, to the famed Sufi. This is a story of unrequited love, hidden romance, short lived joys, and intolerable longings of the chosen few who had the privilege of living with one of the most looked upon poets of the history of Sufism.

For the first time in written literature, Kimya’s real story has been unearthed and brought into the attention of the Rumi’s scholars and the general public alike.  Even though excruciating effort has been put into telling the story exactly as it happened, scarcity of resources has made this work truest imaginary image of Kimya Khatoon’s life.

Kimya Khatoon has been a best seller for fourteen consecutive months since its publication. It is also currently being considered to become a feature film.

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The winner of Parvin Etesami Prize in Literature, Best Novel of the Year, 2006Honarary Mention Peka Prize in Literature – Novels Nominated for Golshiri Prize in Literature – NovelsNominated for Yalda Prize in Literature – Novels

“I LOVED your book. Congratulations. It was one of the best books I’ve read and by far the most beautifully written Farsi book ever. And I’ve read a lot of books! You are such a talented and gifted writer, the descriptions and scenes in the book were stunningly real and intimate. It sucked me right into the story and I felt like I was living Kimya’s life every step of the way. I started the book on my way to Beirut and when I got here I had a million things to do but I just sat in my empty apartment and finished the book in two days.   What an amazing story her life was and so so sad. It touched me on so many levels: as a writer and as a woman. Without your effort, her story would be buried in time. I hope you find the time to write more books because you have a very unique voice in story telling. You’ve always been an inspiration as an amazing woman but now you are also a literary inspiration.” – Farnaz Fasihi, Wall Street Journal

“I feel as though I have lost someone dear, such is the story of a good book. I must say more than the beauty and the sensitivity of your writing I was moved by it’s honesty. I feel as though you have written about yourself or about me or perhaps all women; it is fantastic. I am in heaven….Kimya lives under my skin.” – Anushe Fisher